Band was created in distant 2007. One album was recorded and released by band itself.

Fast forward to 2018.. After a long break band is active again but only the singer remains the same.

citizen x

Music that we make is a combination of youth energy and melodic notes with a touch of proficiency, which together gives a very concrete punk rock sound that people can use as a fuel in their everyday life. Our lyrics are an expression of our emotions and experiences decanted into small words, dedicated to send a message that we can all make a difference. We play this because we love it. This is how we feel. Hope you would enjoy it too.

Current Members

Vocals: Bozidar Simenovic - Boza

Guitar/Back Vocal: Nikola Crvenkovic - Crveni

Guitar: Nikola Dilberovic - Dilber

Bass: Petar Janjatovic - Pera

Drums: Djordje Bajic - Djole